Cello, Vocals


Guitar, Piano, Vocals




Bass, Vocals

A wistful sound cuts through the air
Sweet cello hum tonight
A scream, a growl, a heart lies bare
The guitar answers bright:
A melody spun from despair,
From healing and from burning
And tales of soothing tears it shares,
From being and from yearning.

Then pulse by pulse and beat by beat
Ascend the peak, pace stokes the heat
By pulse by pulse and beat by beat

Til – suddenly – a light beam wrests
The dreamers from their boiling nest.
To wistfulness! Cold, wild and vast
Just weeping wounds and hollow chests.
The room is carved in words and sound
A room for thine and mine
For good, it‘s bound to crumble down
We‘re left alone to shine!

Laudare is all about poetry – in words and composition. The quartet consisting of guitar, bass, drums and cello is cutting its own path, passing by Post and Progressive Rock, Metal, Folk and Classical Music, yet staying unsettled at last.

The band from Leipzig was founded in 2017 and has been playing a vast of shows all over Germany and abroad. In 2018 it released its debut „d.é.o.m.é“ with founding-member Jakob (Ex-Amber, Yanos) playing the drums. The EP „Have Heart, Waste Flesh“ followed in 2020 featuring Jakob as well as Oliver (Wisent, Desitllat) as the new drummer. Also, Almut enriches the line-up by the Cello and her beautiful voice ever since – captured on film and audio for the first time during the Jadeturm live Session in September 2022.
It’s been quiet around Laudare lately: a new album is carving its way to the surface. A „Requiem“ about the inevitable, that we fear so much and that makes us human after all.
„Requiem“ will be joyfully released in Autumn 2024 on Moment of Collapse Records.